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Lissa and the Spy

Releasing October 2024 in Once Upon a Courtship, a Christian Historical Romance multi-author box set

A Christian Regency Romantic Suspense novella

Prequel to the Lady Wynwood’s Spies series

In the opulent ballrooms of Regency-era London, Miss Lissa Gardinier struggles through her second Season with a singular goal: marriage to escape her mother's constant criticism. So she represses her cheeky remarks behind a quiet, innocent facade, but combined with her plain face, it only serves to make her uninteresting to potential suitors.

It is her very unpopularity that enables her to notice the enigmatic Lord Jeremy Stoude and set in motion a chance encounter. An overheard conversation and faux dialogue later, she finds herself entangled in Jeremy’s covert undertakings. Lissa resists the temptation to pry, finding delight in their mysterious friendship.

Yet the world Jeremy inhabits is one of secrets and subterfuge, and he cannot afford to be distracted by Lissa’s charming smile and unflappable demeanor. Lissa’s family dynamics grow increasingly complicated with a sister harboring her own desires for the eligible Lord Stoude, and a formidable rival—Lady Charlotte Harrington—making her intentions clear.

As danger stalks them and true feelings come to light, can Lissa and Jeremy navigate the labyrinth of society’s expectations and their own insecurities to find love?

Lissa and the Spy offers readers an intoxicating blend of romance, suspense, and wit, set against the glittering backdrop of Regency London. Perfect for those who love their historical fiction laced with a dash of intrigue and a sprinkle of humor.

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This is a stand-alone story that occurs before The Spinster’s Christmas.


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In the past several weeks during the sparse social whirl before the Season fully began, there had been three thefts that occurred during parties. Two thefts had been discovered after the guests had left, but only a few nights ago in the middle of Mr. Holmendale’s ball, the theft had been made public when his son had come upon the empty safe.

“A safe,” Sol murmured. In all three thefts, safe boxes had been broken into and a rare, exquisite gemstone had been stolen.

“Yes,” Sir Derrick said, “I know very few men who can break into safe boxes with such skill and speed.”

“Allinton.” A young agent whom Sol himself had trained.

--Excerpt from The Gentleman Thief by Camille Elliot