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Lady Wynwood's Spies series

After the abuse she suffered during her short marriage, widowed Lady Wynwood has finally regained emotional and spiritual peace. But old secrets and new friends draw her into danger. Now she and her newly-formed ring of spies race to stop a mysterious organization determined to help Napoleon win the war.

There are TWO stand-alone prequels for this series: The Spinster’s Christmas, and The Gentleman Thief.

The rest of the books in the series are NOT stand-alone, and some of them end on a bit of a cliffhanger.

I've plotted out all the books in the series, and plan for there to be 10 main volumes, plus perhaps 1 or 2 side volumes. Stay tuned for this epic series!

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At the moment, I’m releasing all my books in Kindle Unlimited, which requires my books to be exclusive to Amazon. However, I wanted to accommodate readers who prefer other ebook distributors and also reward my fans who might like my books a little ahead of schedule.

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Series name change

Readers who have been with me from the beginning know that the original series name was the "Lady Wynwood series," but the name changed to the "Lady Wynwood's Spies series." You can read on my blog about why the name and the series structure changed.

What's up with the Gentlemen Quartet?

I wrote this book as the first book in the Lady Wynwood series, but in that same year I also published Prelude for a Lord, the first book in my Gentlemen Quartet series.

Since then, I've been working on the next Lady Wynwood's Spies series books, but I do intend to go back to the Gentlemen Quartet and continue writing books for that series. If you belong to my email newsletter, you'll be sure to hear when the next book (Lady Wynwood or Gentlemen Quartet) is available.

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Forced to greet “Mr. Purdue,” Mr. Vernon couldn’t stop a grimace of disdain as he very briefly touched the dirty hand with two glove-clad fingers. “Er … yes … indeed. Were you perhaps with the man who ran away?”

“Oh, no, sir. I didn’t see him. I came this direction because I heard the screaming.”

Mr. Vernon frowned. “Such a racket he was making.”

“But if you were wondering,” Phoebe said with a trace of sarcasm, “he appeared uninjured.”

Mr. Vernon nodded absently, and glanced around the small clearing. “Miss Sauber, I feel I should mention that it is improper for you to be meeting this person in this secluded place. We should return to the archery party.”

Phoebe pressed her lips together so she wouldn’t retort with something outrageous such as, I was just deciding to elope with Mr. Purdue in order to escape your insufferable presence at the archery party.

Or, But I haven’t yet hidden the body of the man I just shot.

Or, Mr. Vernon, it would improve my mood greatly if you would hold perfectly still whilst I connect my fist to your rather large nose.

She sighed and instead said, “Mr. Purdue was helping me recover my arrow.”

--Excerpt from Lady Wynwood's Spies, volume 1: Archer by Camille Elliot