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The Gentleman Thief

A Regency Adventure

A mysterious thief has been committing daring heists and stealing rare, exquisite gemstones during the time their owners are throwing grand parties for the Season. Mr. Solomon Drydale, a clandestine agent for the Crown, is baffled because the thefts bear the mark of a former agent whom he mentored.

Sol is tasked with finding the agent, Mr. Stewart Allinton, who is attending a birthday celebration at a country manor house, but Sol is determined to speak to Allinton first before bringing him in. 

However, there is more at stake than a few gemstones, and with the help of his friend, Lady Wynwood, he discovers that the few acts of larceny may be connected to high treason …

This is a stand-alone story that occurs after The Spinster’s Christmas and before Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 1: Archer.


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In the past several weeks during the sparse social whirl before the Season fully began, there had been three thefts that occurred during parties. Two thefts had been discovered after the guests had left, but only a few nights ago in the middle of Mr. Holmendale’s ball, the theft had been made public when his son had come upon the empty safe.

“A safe,” Sol murmured. In all three thefts, safe boxes had been broken into and a rare, exquisite gemstone had been stolen.

“Yes,” Sir Derrick said, “I know very few men who can break into safe boxes with such skill and speed.”

“Allinton.” A young agent whom Sol himself had trained.

--Excerpt from The Gentleman Thief by Camille Elliot