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What's up with Lady Wynwood?

I wrote this book as the first book in the Lady Wynwood series, but in that same year I also published Prelude for a Lord, the first book in my Gentlemen Quartet series.

Since then, I've been working on the next Lady Wynwood series book, but I do intend to go back to the Gentlemen Quartet and continue writing books for that series. If you belong to my email newsletter, you'll be sure to hear when the next book (Lady Wynwood or Gentlemen Quartet) is available.
“By degrees the girls came to spend the chief of the morning upstairs, at first only in working and talking, but after a few days, the remembrance of the said books grew so potent and stimulative that Fanny found it impossible not to try for books again. There were none in her father's house; but wealth is luxurious and daring, and some of hers found its way to a circulating library. She became a subscriber; amazed at being anything in propria persona, amazed at her own doings in every way, to be a renter, a chuser of books! And to be having any one's improvement in view in her choice! But so it was. Susan had read nothing, and Fanny longed to give her a share in her own first pleasures, and inspire a taste for the biography and poetry which she delighted in herself.”

Excerpt from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen